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[24 Feb 2004|11:21pm]

yellowed and crumbling
the words of this story
meaningless and fragile
begging to be released
begging to be heard
begging to come out
turning the page
another blank
rotting before my eyes
crumbling out of sight
turning to dust
in the palm of my hand
spelling my fate
spelling my hate
broken and falling
falling apart
falling forever
in the palm of my hand
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[03 Aug 2002|09:48pm]


The wind curves around my silent figure,
Entwining around limbs like a translucent snake.
I stand amidst a storm of words, spilling from my fingertips.
Knowledge is my ambrosia,
And I am immortal but for a single moment.
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[02 Aug 2002|10:14pm]

"War only leaves poets and corpses." - Unknown

"The Mark"

Hearts lay strewn across the battlefield
Ignorant blood mixing
A dried-up sea with it's rotting bergs
Steel flotsam, sinewous jetsam

Only the buzzards are the victors
For friend and foe have broken their peace
Desires clashing, egos waving like standards
In a wind that reeks of tears

Strike my colours: wavelets of crimson on a white field
White like my pure purpose
Break my sword, cast away my armour
Let the clouds weep, for the rain
might rinse away the marks of the proud
Their last testament
Their true love

My hand is a tributary to the ocean before me
Let it run dry
And thus leave this war's mark on me.
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[02 Aug 2002|10:13pm]

No vision
No future
No foresight
No hindsight
No oversight

Just hear the music (crying)
Feel the wind (dying)
Smell the ocean (rotting)
Taste the brine (bleeding)

Adams had the right idea
If you can't see it, it can't hurt you

Blindness is invulnerability,
for foolish men are happiest
When they can't see people in pain.

I beg for a world
Where dragons die by the sword
When the heart stops, the drama's over
Take the treasure, marry the princess
The End, happily ever after

I can touch that world
Like a blinded man enjoys Picasso
It's something that only Others do

Now the dragon haunts me
No sword can kill it
It taunts me
But I cannot see where to strike it
I have no sword in my hands
The air is dead, and stinks of it
My blindness is a gift
Shall I be deaf too?

I can't breathe in ink
I can't breathe
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i wrote this for a girl i heart. [25 Jun 2002|09:09pm]

[ mood | emo ]

i love all your imperfections.
every curve,
every line,
every single hair.

you're beautiful,
you're my treasure,
to be worshipped.

you hate what you see
in that mirror of yours
but look into my eyes
they won't lie,

you spend your days
searching for perfection
if i wanted a doll
i'd go to the toy store.

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